Snoop dogg – Dolomite intro

Yes, this is me, the bad, bad dolomiteAnd I`m ready to put me in the White HouseMake me the PresidentI`m gunna move on my first actI`m a, get me 2000 ragedy ass paintersTo paint the muthafuckin` White House blackDolomite for your presidentI`m a legalize every muthafcukin` thingSomebody ask me how do I stand on MarijuanaVery high baby, very highHow do I stand on prostitutionI don`t stand on it, I lay on itI`m a legalize sellin` pussySell it, sell it, sell your pussy, girlsPussy will sell, if pussy don`t sellGrits ain`t gross and eggs ain`t poultryAnd Mona Lisa is a muthafuckin` man

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