Snoop dogg – Eastside ridaz

[Bigg Snoop Dogg]You`z a fool fo` dis, yeahMy dogg Hi-Tek, representin` Cincinnati, Ohio!Eastside shit, y`all know how we get down7 dizzles a wizzle, Bigg Bow Wiggle`s, up in the hizzleFo` shizzle bizzle, here we go againFreshly dressed, I jump up in the mo`nin` tryna find some ZestPsyche, we like the Bom, somebody betta ring the alarmAnd hit the folks at the forumLet my homies off the yardI shall see the head nigga in chargePush… Bush outta office, dump `til they get off usMake them offers, that leave niggas in coffins[Goldie Loc]Can you feel it my nigga, I`m `bout to kill it my niggasSound like guerillas, fo` real`a off gangsta government millasCoke killas, when it comes to off mic`n wit meI was branded in a gang, fuck havin` techniquesJust ride, not a damn lettin` these fools breathePop peas, push keys, find a stash fo` yo cheeseIs it possible that laws might get jealousHell yeah they be hatin` on the 3 Good Fellas[Tray Deee]Over-dosage of ferocious, WestCoast in effectBang straight gangsta shit, so you know it`s on deckHold and respect, cold as it get, don`t wanna testKidnap ya wife and ya kids, you get the messageInsanity, commanded me to savagely spitSuffer casualties, challenge me, I handle it quickNo talkin`, C-Walkin`, we chokin` the block offLettin` the glock offAnd throwin` up DoggHouse [Hook0 Nate Dogg]WestCoast niggas and we all in yo houseGang bang niggas we gon` turn this bitch outEastside ridaz and we all in yo mouthDogg Pound Gang we let the mothafuckin` doggs outNate Dogg, Goldie, Snoopy, Tray DeeeNever loved a ho and run the @G-A@ in meAlways got a bitch, but never in the front seatStill the same let the mothafuckin` doggs out[Goldie Loc]Yeah! it`s about to get Crip`d out crazyBlast on all you suckas with the throw away to dailyDon`t you shoot that little mothafucka no mo`That ain`t what he said when he hit the chest went through his heart, came out his elbowYou shouldn`t have been talkin` that shit bitch boySayin` the wrong thing against the real McCoyDidn`t know I was a cold-blooded gangstaIf you ain`t ridin` wit us fool, we`ll catch ya lata[Tray Deee]We exploded, reloaded and sewed it upSprayed shots to the crowed, like a loaded pumpKeep this mothafucka jumpin` `til they close it upThen we dippin` wit a sip and some hoes to fuckPour late, the hard way, ain`t no bustas hereSo explict you can only get it once a yearEastsidaz, the ridaz, they change the gameAnd let you know from here go, we straight came to bang

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