Snoop dogg – Everywhere i go

[Intro]Go help yourself fucker (son of a bitch)Hahahaha!!! (Guh-ohh)I know Tha EastsidazThem some bad motherfuckersUh-oh (Uh-oh, uh)[Snoop Dogg]Swizz BeatzUp in the motherfuckin DogghouseEastside shit, you know this finna be a monsterGodzilla[Goldie (Kokane)](Everywhere I go!!!)Niggas talkin shit, bitches on my dickStay so swift, buckin this shitBeat made by Swizz, so you niggas can`t trip, `cause..[Tray Deee](Everywhere I go!!!)Niggas give me props, bitches give me cockHustlers on the block, busters gettin shotPlaya haters jock, and pray that they got cop, `cause..[Goldie Loc](Everywhere I go!!!)I`m quick to start strappin, down for straight jackinDon`t ask me what happened if ya gun start clappinNigga I was rappin, while you was actin, `cause..[Tray Deee](Everywhere I go!!!)Real niggas postin, gettin drunk, smokinKhaki chucks spokin, pistol grip totinAlways go for broke, and love livin life motive(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-ooo!!!)[Snoop talking]Everywhere I goI see we just rubbin off on the whole motherfuckin game, haha[Goldie Loc](Everywhere I go!!!)Some be hatin, some roll gatin (so)Most be fakin so they get they hoes takenSince I don`t be tastin, you hoes I`ll be shakin, `cause..[Tray Deee](Everywhere I go!!!)I see thick ass bitches, big ass switchinQuick cash pimpin, swift ass kickinsZig-Zag twistin, fifth glass sippin[Goldie Loc](Everywhere I go!!!)Don`t get quiet, niggas start a riotTake off like hollies, young gangsta try itIn it for the highs, you can`t deny it man[Tray Deee](Everywhere I go!!!)Motherfuckers tryin to bang, niggas runnin gameSuckas gettin played, player bitches gettin paidSaid gangster everyday, place the snitches in their grave(Ev-ry-where I go-o-o-o-oo!!!)[Snoop talking]Yeah somebody thought the game was deadThe game ain`t dead these niggas is scared[Goldie Loc](Everywhere I go!!!)

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