Snoop dogg – Freestyle conversation

Ai Dogg, let me holla at`cha manWuz up home?Word is on the streetsYour beats gone be delicateSince Dre did shake the spea`s out, manDelicate, beatsSo that`s what makes me now?Man, I don`t give a fuck about no beatNow let me shake that shit manI hear ya DoggIt`s a cold, cold thingIt`s a cold thingFor real, hmmI got more niggas tryin` to get at me than the President do sometimesNiggas be tryin` to get at me `cos I be droppin` funky rhymesWhat the fuck is goin` on? This rap game is made to make moneyYou niggas is taking the shit outta hand, actin` way too funnyDoin` too much, y`know what I see it from the get-goWhat the fuck`s goin` on wit you niggas, y`all tryin` to play a low proAnd tryin` ta be hard and tryin` ta be big willies or whatever they call itI guess it`s time for me to act just like an alcoholicAnd step to the game, I`m a stumble in like I don`t knowAnd if a nigga say somethin` wrong, I`m takin` off from the get-goI ain`t givin` no room to try to get me first`Cos I done been bombed on before and I`ma tell youMan, that`s the worstFifth in the world, but I`ma keep my thang together`Cos I`ma keep makin` money and hope everything is still togetherHavin` papers, man, now what y`all niggas doin`?All y`all broke on the corner, drinkin` your drinkWanna be doin` what I`m doin`But don`t get mad and don`t be tryin` to play-hate`Cos, uhh, takin` trips around state to stateRepresentin`, uhh, what y`all wanna representBut y`all can`t represent it `cos y`all got no dollars, no centsI`m movin` on, groovin` on and I`m movin`Makin` more moves than the average CubanTryin` ta get G`s across the town, tryin` ta make more hitsAnd tryin` ta get my game tight and get at your bitchNow if she wants to get with this, she gone come holla at a player, do“Cos she know that Snoop Dogg is got that white Rolls RoyceAnd she wants to jump in, bring a friend`Cos everything is like alphabet, come on inCome on in and bring a friend and you can come on back`Cos when you do, we gone be sippin` on some CognacIt`s on me, I`m feelin` good tonight`Cos I`ma do mines and I`ma keep everything tightI ain`t lettin` nothin` leak `cos if thangs leak, then I`m get caughtAnd I can`t get caught `cos you know how they do itAbout that child supportShit, bitches is cold on a nigga who ain`t got his game tightGettin` 18-point-5 percent, half your lifeShit, I love my baby boy and allBut I ain`t gonna be payin` no bitch, no no, no way DoggI`m too slick on my toes, I`m too tightI`m guaranteed to get away from some shit like dat, ain`t that right`Cos, uhh, when you play in this game you got to be the real playerYou can`t be no fake ass nigga talkin` about you wanna be the man`Cos if you ain`t with the game, the game ain`t gonna be wit youAnd I can put that on everything including youOne of every five black males before the year 2000Will be detained or deceasedNo justice, no peaceYeah, the truth hurts, we scared to go to churchLook here, but don`t cut it, gettin` five pointsStep back for a second, I`m puttin` less than five to this jointHmm, if this is the bomb niggas gonna blow upLike Atlanta at the OlympicsNiggas be trippin` but I`ll be pimpin`I don`t be trippin` off no nigga at all, no bitchesJust tryin` to get my money, I don`t even be trippin` off no switchesI used to like low-riders but now I like EastsidersI put it down wit me and make a hit maker, y`knowhatI`msayin`?I love the Lakers now `cos now they got Shaq O`NealIt`s time to make a million dollars and that`s for realSee we gone blow up and show up and throw up nuttin` but Dogg PoundGive it to ya ta put it down and we`ll be `round to your townSo just sit in your seats and wait til` we come throughUntil we do just keep smokin` gray and blueOr whatever you do just stay true to what you do`Cos we gone keep doin` what the fuck we got to doNow, follow me now and listen to the instructions`Cos the game`s gonna get deep now, niggas is tryin` ta creepTryin` ta get up on game but they don`t wanna be down with the PGAll of a sudden everybody wanna dis DPWhat we look like?Makin` y`all diss us, that ain`t rightI should get upset but I`ma stay composedChill for a second, spit at some hosDrinkin` my drink, smokin` my dankCountin` my bank, uhh, that shit stankStanky bank is what I got `cos I`ma keep itAnd nah this ain`t no motherfuckin` secretYeah, we`re in drought seasonNiggas lookin` for a reasonIt`s like thanksgiving without the feastYeah, the truth hurts, we`re scared to go to churchThey got me runnin` from my life, I`m jumpin` gatesThey got dogs on my ass but I`m a DoggSo I know how to alert and get wit dat shitThe dog run up on me, I give him a cold like nigga back up off meHe turn around and bite the police, hmmGame recognize Snoop Dogg too cold, I`m on my toesI slide in the back of a garage dippin` with this hoThey run right past me, ask me, @Have I seen the suspect?@@Yeah, he went that way@, now for the jack

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