Snoop dogg – Friends

[Kokane]Life is much mo` preciousThan you`ll thinkLike a game`ll make yo chips sinkIt`s so hardHard to trust a smile and faceWhen niggas got intentions already taking yo placeKeep my head up and stand tallIf I stumble, then I`ll fallWill you pick me up at all?Will you pick me up at all?I`m a keep it gangsta till my endCause some people do pretendAnd ain`t too many of us that we can call friendsThat we can call friendsOhhhhhhh[Goldie Loc]Now all I gotta do is keep my head upAnd walk a straight line when fake friends won`t mindBut I`m kind-heartedAnd don`t like being stepped onIf I wasn`t real, I wouldn`t be in this positionLike that, dogg, I got a whole lot to sayI`m by myself with my rhymes when we kick it all dayLil` Jay used to say I`d never be nobodyBut you know what I never do?Smoke it off like GottiFive million dollar hits puttin in saxophonesTray Deee & Snoop, we sound good on this microphoneI never threaten nobody to make it happenLet me show you how we eat a full meal off this rappin`But if I had a chance to give it backI`d give it to the ones who helped me do thatDo that, straight from the heartEastside till I dieWe ain`t no contract friends, we doggs for life[Tray Deee]It`s a trip how we Crip

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