Snoop dogg – Fuck what they say

YoNo matter how much money you makeBrothers gon talk about youYeah, no matter who you are, uhhTalk about you..Niggaz gon talk about you (talk about you 2x)Don`t give a fuck about you (fuck about you 2x)You livin` bout it bout it (bout it bout it 2x)Just make em read about it (read about it 2x)Fuck what they say about me (fuck what they say about me)Bitches gon love to doubt me (fuck em, yeah)I`m livin bout it bout it (bout it)Nigga this, nigga that, we do this, we do thatTalkin` that shit`ll get yo` wig blew backYou knew that, we do that, like it`s `sposed to be doneBack up off me, you gettin too close to me sonIt`d be fun if you didn`t have a gunBut if you didn`t had one you`d probably run; come comeNow spit it from the tip of your tongue, a lil wisdomgives em somethin` to move to, groove toThe next time you see me again gangsta`d upChilling wit my beanie again got many of friendsin b-ball, football, baseball, the penetentianary, the graveyardthe church house and the mess hallThat`s why I address y`all, express all Big Doggwith no flaws, yiggy yes yall touch y`all from up aboveShow big love, kept the crippin` aliveas well as the dub, push come to shoveY`all know how it all was(Chorus)But niggas still talk about me (talk about me)Don`t give a fuck about meI made them read about me (read about me)Don`t give a fuck about itI`m livin` rowdy rowdyFuck what they say about meLong as I`m bout it bout itNiggas gon talk about youBitches gon love to doubt youI make em read about itand made em write about itFuck what they say about me

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