Snoop dogg – Gangsta move

[snoop dogg talking]Yeah. anotha dogg house production. my nigga meech roll it.Wussup. we movin solo for the 9-9, 9-8, ya heard me? Too many flees, too many bustaz. we doin this shit solo.Dig it¡­[snoop dogg]Cold game (cold game), new twist (new twist).My niggaz step back and let me do this (do this)`cause I`m that 5-0 with em, getting 5-0`s, sittin getting in the windFor all my homies in the penIt`s back onMy backbone, my wife in my life & down wit a nigga before my paper was tite.Boo, you`s a real bitchI write that real shitThat them niggaz just got to get withI bounce in and out of town just like a basketball playerPass weed with the g`sAnd pass laws with the mayorsSee, that`s the difference betweenYou, me, and himNigga, I`m silk the slimWith the feather in his brimI swim under water and don`t get wetThen bounce back to the hood and c-walk the setI keep it gangsta all the timeAn you can ask the doug, insanes, and one-9`cause i`m¡­[hook]Born gangsta, stays on the move (keep it tru, dawgz)Dogg pound just for the fuck of it (dogg pound!)Born gangsta, keepin it trueNone of y`all can stop me now`cause I`m havin papers now (dogg pound!)[snoop dogg]I stay on em like cop carsMan, you watch your rabid-ass nineTryin to stop cars hoo-bangin this fast-lane gameIt ain`t a thangI was learnin this game when you was servin your caneIt`s where my shit`s atFlip rats tryin to get some get-backSit back, an holla at a playa bout¡­ cold gameI stay bout it (bout it)A bitch`ll have you crossed upAn niggaz get you crossed outI cant hang and bang wit y`all no more y`all niggaz flossed outAn papers what I`m all aboutIt`s down that bullshit roll with y`all or take the ballerI take the baller out, he take the small amountLong-term big shitThat`s what I`m all aboutCall em out, stall em outFuck em, I twist emThe hardhead never listenThey never recognize and they never pay attentionI stay g, and by the way did I mention¡­ young nigga[hook]

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