Snoop dogg – Hennesey & buddah

Dpg, is down with usX to the z, is down with usD-r-e, is down with usMy nigga kokane, is down with usEastside gang is, down with usNiggas talkin shit, I`m gettin ready to bustI`m number one (one, one, one)With a bullet motherfuckers[chorus0 kokane]I got this henn in my cupAnd this buddah got me stuckI`m just trying to compose myself (compose myself)I don`t know why I act this wayI just wanna be left aloneI`m just trying to enjoy myself (enjoy myself)[snoop dogg]Aww naw (who is it? )It`s motherfuckin` snoop doggI live the fast life, where ya keep ya cash tightIn broad daylight, walkin` wit ya flashlightAddin` up what ya brought in from last nightShe mad tight with mad bite (is that right? )Bad lil bitches on my tizeam (tizeam)Nigga, that`s the american drizeam (wha-wha-wha-what)Pussy broke the president (yeah it did)And pussy made a pimp rich (yeah it did)I live like `em both as I smoke on my dopeOn my boat…thumbin` through c-notesNow here`s a toast to the coast`cause we doin` it the most (we doin` it the most)Playa playa high costsUno, dos, I`m bout to get ghostStackin what ya mackin d-o-double gThe shit ya doin` is so lovelyThe haters hate `cause they will never beThere ain`t no limit to this melody (melody)You niggas sippin on that jealousy (jealousy)I pour a tall glass of hennesey (want some? )Do you wanna have a sip with me? Or would you rather try and trip with me? (trip with me? )Put ya cups on the table and your hands in the airAnd touch your brim to the side, that`s only if you a playerAnd all the ladies in this motherfucker acting upDon`t hurt nobody when you back it up`cause we came here to have a good timeMe and my niggas in the sunshine (sunshine)On 3 wheels with one 9 (ya know)

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