Snoop dogg – Hi 2 you

Chorus0A brother sayin hi to you I really wouldn`t lie to youI wanna be inside of youInside of you, what you tryna do A brother sayin hi to you I really wouldn`t lie to you I wanna be inside of you And after I do, goodbye to youVerse 10Wash my clothes fo` sho`, hook up the kitchenSuck me dry, let`s get high, then wash the dishesYou get three wishes if you`re cute and ambitiousLike Tisha and Denisha, boy them chickens was viciousWicked, how I kick it, I stick it in the ahOops, slid it on the accidentBut, when I first met her she was so innocentSo it made no sense why she did that for the hell of itWe did it on the wall, me and my doggAnd I met her at the mallLakewood, so good, when I be inside of youI`m just tryna freak it, make it fly for youMake you wanna come back and get another pieceAnd share with your peoples and tell your little nieceMy khackis heavy creased with the rubber in my pocketRide it, divide it, and please don`t knock it til you tried itChorusVerse 20Ay ay, baby who you wit cause your thang like tendin girlGet it wit your fit in, and welcome to my worldFancy cars, yachts n pools, basketball courts that`s made for high schoolsBackyard full of dogs, got a pond full of fishbut a bad girl that`s thick that`s all that`s missin from my listUnless you wanna be the girl that fill that voidAnd roll with a real G homeboy

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