Snoop dogg – Hoop dreams

Man I had a crazy crazy dream dogg.I had a dream I was in the nba straight playin basketball.Nba straight getting my ball on dogg.Can you imagine? Snoop dogg in the nba? Imagine that, hoop doggy dogg.Yea straight ballin.You know I`m a ball anyway so why not.Let me get my ball on.If I could play in the nbaI would be that six-four all day shootin that treyI dribbled to the outside and passed it to shaqThey double teamed on him so he passed it backLook at the 3 but I don`t take the shotCause I think I`m cold and I ain`t trying to get hotI`m feelin bionic, we playing the sonicsAnd I`m sticking gary payton so you know I`m ball hatinBang on vin baker cause real lakers really don`t care yea yeaNext stop in the court on damon toast stouda and my homeboy j.r. riderMinnesota timberwolves, we cut `em downHakeem olajuwon and scottie pippen, we shut `em downThe twin towers, dave and duncan20 in the paint fool you get`s nothingOn a four game roll sweep, beep beepWe beat the bulls and we rocked the heatAnd we traded for a few players, some pacersMiller and mullin and now they lakersWe cant be beat now, we on a 27 game win streak now, bow wowWhen it all started from a dreamI`m playin point guard on my favorite team (lakers)I got the big perm, doing interviews with chick hermAt stu lance, we do a danceWhen it rains poppin shampaneBasketball yes y`all thats the gameTwo years ago a friend of mineAsk me to glide from the free throw lineSo I took the ball, and as I made the hoop

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