Snoop dogg – I promise

Promise I never leave you…[Chorus]Boy, boy, boyYou know that you got me Snoop You`re a joy, joy, joyIt`s all the pimpin things you doYou got me in a dazeAnd I dont know if it`s the haze`cause we smoke so much ooh ooh(Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh)Yeah the bitch gotta bitchHang out with the D-O-Double Girl be a part of thisNow hang up your coatBlaze the dopeNever missing a strokeYeah YeaNow this here`s a ?You ever seen a stretch ?? jet two seater (No)It aint what you want it`s what you needA real ass nigga to help you kick your feet up (Yeah)Now flip your channel to LifetimeYou stay on my mindEven when I`m writing rhymesWe can chill all day until the nightimeI`ll let you know when to go at the right timeI know you don`t want to goBut you gotta get the hell up outta here (Go)I say go, you say no, GO[Chrorus]Have a drink have a ?What it do…Whatever you wantAnd we dont wait until the first of the monthWe never hesitate to roll a hundred dolla bluntNigga, money is nothing to usIt`s big pimpin over here baby you fucking wit usStruck it rich with the struck of luck of the dutch

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