Snoop dogg – I will survive

[technic]By dawn`s early lightI shine brighter than the stars in the nightI`m bout ready for a fightCome through and I`ve consumed enough juiceTo cut loose and throw a mike to the moonSince I`m the sunI`ll make you one, it`s all for funI`m torching hot and all the sameFrom playing war games with saddam husseinNow who`s sane? I`m insaneMy membrane`s on cold grownThe tempature`s rising, fry the cells in your domeIt might be onAnd if you think so, you know meIt`s tech the ponyThe doggfather`s little homey[snoop doggy dogg]Ain`t that somethingHow I got little homeys nowI remember when I was just a little bow wowWriting for my repCalling fore I stepNow I put niggas in the game just to stay on deckHigh profile but my style low proTop dogg on the row, doggystyle ceoAnd I blow the best indoThat you know ofSo when I`m in your townDip down, and show loveYou know what? what`s upShit, I`m feeling good nowYou better come and get me before I fall into a freestyle[technic]They say what`s a rapperWell nigga, what`s an emceeIf they don`t got the skills, then they don`t roll with meAin`t that the truthI`m bulletproof off the roofI got a mic and a fixThat`ll jack you for your chipsI`m out for repBut how long will it lastI`m coming up quick, cause broke niggas need cash

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