Snoop dogg – Intro

Say man ay ushers, deacons, lock the do`I love, to give you lightGeah, first of all, givin` honor to God and all the ministers on the pulpitsUshers, deacons and my lovely choirThey sound so beautiful, don`t you agree?Sing it sister yeah, we`d like to welcome y`all inside this R and GThe Masterpiece such a, heavenly experienceAlchemist, break it down for me nephewLet me preach to `em one time, chuuchIn the beginning as a child, I was chosenThough not knowin` the reason while still my eyes openedWhatever the purpose, I surfaced above the fogLove was given to all, outside livin` the ballAs an adolescent, one black child, I had a messageTo reach teachin` the masses, I wrote my first passageIt was jotted down, created in the form of a rapI`m young, livin` in the city of jackers and gangbangin`And dope dealin`, cold feelin` to be a product of niggaz around youOnce you get on top they down youBut the temptation got me, streets caught me watchin`I found myself grindin` on the streets quite oftenWith a blue rag, bangin the dub, fo`-fifth coffinAt the spot, 61st, 40 blocks from the EastsideWhere most of the big homies had a glock and flossed the G-rideNiggaz throwin up hands but it wasn`t no peace signsNever fo` a second did I think to let my light shineHardheaded, thought I was grown, messin` upDisrespectin` my home, not carin `bout what moms what sayin`And then I found out that mom wasn`t playin`Today, I love you for it, back then, I couldn`t understandGet my life right, step it up, nigga be a manNever be a victim, of what the system might hit you withThrough the stripes still gotta shine my lightI`ve grown, to comprehend the game my name isBig Snoop Boss Dogg just a block and a phone call awayI`ve reached the status, of a modern day John BaptistI`m preachin` just what I practiceTo each and all, I got a word from the beach to acros the globeMan woman young and oldDon`t gain the world, lose your soul to spiteMany circumstances Doggy gon` shine my light `cause I love youI love, to give you lightAnd the people that is locked up, locked downAnd the people that`s locked downAlso God, should purchase the new, EscaladeOn 24`s, with the spinnin thangs, ha haI need you to, right now, look at your neighbors`Cause a lot of y`all think, y`all goin` to heaven, huhAnd you ain`t gon` go, so I need you right now to, look at your neighborAnd say neighbor, say neigh-bor, you ain`t goin` you ain`t goin`

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