Snoop dogg – Land of oz

Oooh! Aoww! Well alright ch`allSnoopy, tell `em where they at(In the Land of Oz..)[Snoop Dogg]In the land of the get killed quickSome niggaz turn bitchDig this, new fish, old twistThe way they turned a young nigga out, had him suckin dick (damn!)He gangbang and slang `caine on the streetswith a gang of bad bitches by his feetBut now, that he`s, locked awayhe can`t get no love on visiting todayHolla holla, pop yo` collarShit a nigga just tryin to get a wet forty dollarsto get a cup of soup and some woop woopMuch love O.G. Big SnoopI sent a nigga a package, on MondayI got a G comin at`cha on SundayOne way, to do it, and that`s the G wayI`m hittin switches for ya homey on the freeway[Chorus One]I know you caught a hot one (hot one)Now I`m blastin with my shotgunI know that stress seems kind of scary..Put a dub on my commisary, up on my commisary[Snoop Dogg – as inmate]Nigga quit trippin; why you flossin hittin switches?You need to send some flicks of some bitches (aoww)They got a nigga workin in the kitchenSendin young writers on a missionI`m in and out the hole, way out of controlBut shit homey, you know real dubs gon` rollYou know Gusto? That`s how he got on parolebut when we catch him, you know we get the stole onI got that package, but I`ma need a little mo`

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