Snoop dogg – May i

Now… who got the beat that makes ya bump?And who got the bump that makes ya thump?Well, I got the funk that makes ya bumpSo we gon funk this motherfucker right on upWell here`s a toast to the boogie while I step on inSo put your lighters in the air and let the smoke kick inI got the motion, the potion and once Priest hit the groove everything is in motionWe coastin through the neighborhood and lookin aroundAnd all of my homies on lock down, or either undergroundMan, I done found the only way to put mine down is to dip, skip with the homies from the Dogg PoundSup, Bow-Wow, how my nigga feelin?Oh, I`m on the money mission to get a pocket full of millionsLike Sicilians, we do it mafiosoDoggy style, Dogg Pound, Death Row is the logoI do it by my lonely cause I`m true to the codePlus I die with the homies cause that`s all I really knowWho started with me, who departed with meThrough thick and thin we heartless-ass G`sRegardless, let`s see with biphocles, don`t try the loco`sAnd y`all wonder why they despise my vocalsI fooled you like crystals, rap spittin like clips doWhen I dismiss you, me and my click, foolChorus0May I (may… I), may I funk with you?(repeat x4)To be a high rolla, you need a pistolaAnd about a half a key of some Coca ColaNow that I got older, I got a little colderAnd I don`t trip to get a chip off my nigga`s shoulderMaaann, dreams of a gangsta, being like Cagneyor Bogie, but Snoop DoggyAin`t no follower, man, I`m a general, so when I put it down I gots to be so orignal

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