Snoop dogg – Me and my doggs

rtist0 Snoop DoggAlbum0Dead Man Walkin`Song0 Me and My DoggsTyped by0*Also On "Tha Doggfather" (Tear `Em Off) Me & My Doggz*(Snoop Dogg)I was sittin at the pound about to eat dinnerHad a hard day at the studio, I was gettin thinnerMy nigga Spanky-Loc was playin basketballDirty Red gets CREAM, it`s a good schemeAnd my niggas in the backyard, y`all about to squab my DoggzBut you know it`s all a part of the Corleone teamI squabble…Friday cos that`s what I doDogg Pound for life nigga, uhh thought you knewBut you didn`t, you think I`m kiddin nigga, my Doggz scrapThey get down for theirs, bring em right to the backHit the gate don`t wait and ask the homey NateHe gotta pit named Tiny mobbin behind himNow they`ve got Michael CorleoneOh, Kurupt he got Lonely the psycho assassinHe likes to smash on, uhhAnd ain`t no need to reach for heat cos you can`t get your blast onDoggz we keep em, busters we sweep emAnd when it`s time all my Doggz`ll bite your mommaWe leave you niggas on stuck in pawsAnd I`ma dedicate this one to my DoggzRemember that pit, the one I had named PeteyUhh, she got killed so I didn`t need himUhh, it`s like that, what about Sweetie?He got killed too (damn) so I didn`t need himIt`s a cold thang but it`s a cold gameBut when you wit a Corleone name it`s a cold thangCold name, cold game ya got ta get down`cause if you don`t then you can`t represent the PoundNow it`s like a sportAnd if I get caught I`m right back in courtSo I gots ta keep it on the DL and don`t yeezellBut you know I gots tha pitbulls for seezellSo if you want one, get one, holla at`cha boy quick`causez I`ma be on the lookout for the sell-to-dem pigsAsk my little homey TechniqueThe homey Tray Deee I give him rock seat

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