Snoop dogg – Mission cleopatra

[Snoop Dogg]Yeah, believe itJ-A-M-E-L with the Bigg D-O-double-G (Woof!)D-A-Z, DPG family, ooh wee (ooh wee!)Yeah yeah… [crow]You say you wanna party wit us, wellC`mon baby lemme see you get up, andQuit playin` and do what I`m sayin`We got a whole lot of fools if you plan on stayin, WE`RE ALL THE SAMENo matta where you at, in the Bentley or, or in the ghettoWe keep the hot metalSettle down, and pass it aroundCause we havin` a good time while I`m in your townFrench eyes and with French fries and French thighsIt`s D-O-double-G and I`ma do it to ya ten timesFlizzy, hizzigh, wizzieOperation Cleopatra, comin` right at `chaJ-A-M-E-LI`m tryna holla at you homie pick up yo cellDPG, hell yeah I got some suckers on my tailCould you make `em bail…[Jamel Debbouzze]Ca fait plaisir![Hook (Jamel Debbouzze) {Snoop Dogg}]We gonna party (pour voir les meufs!)So get the party started (Eh vous habitez où?)We gonna party {We gonna shake it up… do it to ya… uuh!}We gonna party (yeeahh!)So get the party strated (Mais c`est super!)We gonna party {We gonna set the mood on the groove!}[Jamel Debbouzze (Snoop Dogg)]You say you wanna party with us, wellC`mon baby lemme see you get up, andAnd what`s my motherfuckin` name? (JAMEL! Snoop Dogg …)[laughters]Dogg Jamel c`est mon nouveau prénomC`est comme ça qu`Snoop Dogg il a dit qu`j`m`appelle et il a raisonEh les gars, (ooh wee ooh wee) moi c`est Dogg Jamel! (winny winny)O.K @We all the same@ ça veut dire on est les même SNOOP!Ton copain là-bas qui fume d`la weed(arab) de mon copain HamedHamed, la weed, ti suite ti suite, la weed (PARTY!)Ti suite tous les jours y`a des gens qui m`énerventSnoop et moi on aimerait bien les voir avec un minerve

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