Snoop dogg – Nobody better

Snoop Doggy DoggOne two three and to the foSnoop Doggy Dogg and Dr Dre are at the doReady to make an entrance so back on upCause you know we bout had to rip shit upGimme the microphone first so I can bust like a bubbleCompton and Long Beach together now you know you in troubleAint nothin but a G thang baaaaabayTwo loced out Gs so were craaaaazayDeath Row is the label that paaaaays meUnfadable so please dont try to fade this Hell yeahBut uh back to the lecture at handPerfection is perfected so Im a let em understandFrom a young Gs perspectiveAnd before me dig out a bitch I have ta find a contraceptiveYou never know she could be earninb her manAnd learnin her man and at the same time burnin her manNow you know I aint wit that shit LieutenantAint no pussy good enough to get burnt while I`m up in ityeah Now thats realer than realdeal HolyfieldAnd now all you hookas and hos know how I feelWell if its good enough to get broke off a proper chunkIll take a small piece of some of that funky stuffHook Snoop Doggy Dogg Its like this and like that and like this and uhIts like that and like this and like that and uhIts like this and like that and like this and uhDre creep to the mic like a phantomDr DreWell Im peepin and Im creepin and Im creep inBut I damn near got caught cause my beeper kept beepinNow its time for me to make my impression feltSo sit back relax and strap on your seatbeltYou never been on a ride like this befoWith a producer who can rap and control the maestroAt the same time with the dope rhyme that I kickYou know and I know I flow some ol funky shitTo add to my collection the selectionSymbolizes dope take a toke but dont chokeIf ya do ya have no clueO` what me and my homey Snoop Dogg came to dosnoop and dre>>>

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