Snoop dogg – Out the moon

(voice)Ha, haWhat is an m.c.? If he can`t rapWhat is a d.j.? If he can`t scratchDon`t worry about a thing cause my niggas goin` do it all just like that(hook)x3Boom, boom, boom…boomAhhh, bend over, bend overIndeed I amFlossy like gangsta shitI got pounds of weed and keysSittin` on g`sCatch a breezeWhen I ride by highSittin` on tonasTearing up spotsAnd blocks in my hood ain`t got no cornersCause we done chipped `em all off a proper pieceBustin` rocks and glocksAnd gettin ghost from the police,No peaceSo, he gets served with no concernTo who gets burned and one day they`ll learnNot to be fuckin` with the niggaBuckin` with the triggaNothing you could figgaCould help you escape>from this mind stateThat I create young niggaYeah! and it`s just like that(snoop)x2L.b.c. out the moon and my speakers goBoom, boom, boom…boomMy rearview mirror`s vibratin` cause my speakers goBoom, boom, boom…boom(soopafly)Now I rockSome will talkIt don`t stopWhen that funk shit dropsTo make your shit go popNow let that beat rideIn your `g rideWe gettin` me rightHittin` with that dogg pound "c" lifeNow it`s i, with that stylish flowSo niggas step back or heads get crackedAnd I won`t let backWho coming with that gangsta shitThe shit that only gangsta`s get gangsta withNow quick to bust your ass like the copWaiting, debating for my ass to flip flopBut I don`t flopI just flip the scriptWhen I did and set tripKeep the clip close to my hipAnd don`t say shitWhen I blastI done told your assSlow the fuck on downDogg pound, motherfucker(snoop)x2Boom, and you know thatD.p.g`s out the moon and my speakers goBoom, boom, boom…boomMy rearview mirror`s vibrating and my speakers goBoom, boom, boom…boom(hershey loc? )>from the archivesI arise off the long beach streetsWill be comlete to the do is done to all that competesDon`t be alarmed as I swarm throughI warned you and your crew see waxSo, what`s that? A known factBattle that the habitat our men is deadlyYou can get dilutedOr depends on where your head beStriving for what your in forAnd for your info mo` flowThan the tightest nigga flowed in ninety-four

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