Snoop dogg – Pay ya dues

[Verse 1]Now here we go, y`all gotta play this(Why?) `Cause the others are so scared to say thisNow tell me, what am I supposed to doAbout a sucker like you who ain`t never paid dues?Slapper, hip-happer, you`re gettin` wackerYour girl better step, or I just might jack herSmack her like a gangster, but I don`t bangI gank suckers like you for thick gold chains(He don`t deserve it) Hell nahSo take it off your neck`Cause Goddamn, you ain`t comin` correctWhat`s this, a sucker duck holdin` a mic?And like Keith Sweat said, somethin` just ain`t rightSeems nowadays everybody wanna be a rapperDown wit` crewsBut they ain`t never paid duesSuckers perpetratin`, playin` hardcorePunks, I bet you worked at a flower storeYou know what eats me up the most?Is when a sucker just started and thinks he`s high postYou ain`t pay a nann due in your lifeTalkin` `bout a new style, you know who you sound like?KRS, Chuck D, Kool Moe, as oneYellin` on the mic like ya name was RunYou`se a peon, went and bought a pair of Lee`sNow all of a sudden you supposed to be an MC?Yo, that`s wack, it just ain`t rightYou only stood on one stage in your whole damn lifeNow you want respect, hey yo, you`se a foolEverybody wanna rap, but they ain`t paid dues[Verse 2]I can still remember way, way back in the daysThe times me and Aladdin dreamed of gettin` paidStandin` outside just to pull in the jacksTo earn a little money to drop a dope trackBack in the days I drove a raggedy DodgeCouldn`t afford a studio, so we used a garageAladdin used to grab a gang of disco breaksOne turntable and a broken 808My little brother Tunes and Frank, they hung around all nightTo make sure that the demo was tightDidn`t have an enigneer, if you know what I meanAladdin did it all at the age of 16Gifted, uplifted, straight gangsta MackSuckers had me playin` the back

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