Snoop dogg – Protocol

Watch your mouth never speak on what you not knowI`m from the west coast I turn his face into a pothole15 deep niggas creepin` in the TahoeLet`s see you act macho when I pull the burner on yaSideways like a tacoRap niggas we all talk like a RaldoTrunk full of cargoDry like BarstowArsenal run up on `emGet up on `emDrill `em with the clipsNiggas gon` respect mineI run this whole shitCrip rag in my pocketThree eighty on my hipBut back to this hip hopWho next on the listGangstas don`t kiss we get old and die richI smoke till I`m sleepCrush these niggas with my fistYour daddy was a coward you`s a son of a bitchSo back to the glock with the infra-blue clipWe hit licks and gang bangYou on some T-Pain shitChop the pop and 20 cripWatch the flames hit his whipThen I`m back to the block shitRock shit, hot shitHit `em in the chestDoggy run up in his pocketsMisrepresenting sock him in his eye socketI sat back and let you little niggas make your profitsNonsense, I`m watching, hoes out of pocketYou heard what they sayDon`t block it till you knock itYou stole my whole styleI`m `bout to take you fools hostageBrrrah, bhrrrrahFrom the looks to the hooksI`m looking at these new niggas flippin` through my book

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