Snoop dogg – Riders on the storm (fredwreck remix)

Hey yo Jim man why don`t ya, you don`t you kick some of thatYou know, you know how you do it manIt`s a trip people don`t even believe were together right now (wow) but tellyour story you know the one I like say it for me (Ride, ride, ride)Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)Into this house we`re born (Into this house we`re born)Into this world we`re thrown (Into this world we`re thrown)Like a dog without a bone (Like a dog without a bone)An actor out on loan (An actor out on loan)Riders on the storm (Ride, ride, ride)There`s a killer on the road (Killer, Murder)His brain is squirmin` like a toadTake a long holiday (holidays, holidays)Let your children play (play)If ya give this man a rideSweet family will die (Die)Killer on the road, yeah (Killer, Murder)[Snoop]Goin` off of this off of that with the Lizard kingBumpin` in the back (wow) how bout that (yeah)Driftin`, Liftin`, Swiftin`, coastin`, testaroastin`But the wheels won`t stop 200 (errrr) on the highway freshUp off the block he`s a rider, na he`s a killer dresses in all blackBut his hat says stealla (stealla)Pedal to the metal I gotta go hardDrive by and say hello hey Fredwreck you my mello now let mehere what I sound like acapella (shhh) wow ride dip swish nowbring it back just like this like a dog with out his bone unlikea G with out his chrome it`s hard to imagine the homey dog in ajag and he`s checkin` for the checkered flag comin` in first neverIn last cause my car to fast (zoom, zoom) I neva eva run out ofgas cause I just to clean I do it upper class so fasten your seatbelts its so hot it will even make heat melt (woo, woo) so get a bowland roll and ride slip through the slip and slideLike a dog without a boneAn actor out on loanRiders on the stormThere`s a killer on the roadHis brain is squirmin` like a toadTake a long holidayLet your children playIf ya give this man a rideSweet family will dieKiller on the road, yeah

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