Snoop dogg – Santa claus goes straight to the ghetto

( ) = santa voice[ ] = squeaky kid voiceIntro0 bad a$$Is that the black santa claus? (ho ho ho! merry christmas!)I want a super nintendo … yeah, sega genesis, yeah,Street fighter 2, all these games…[mommy! is that the black santa claus? That is the black santa claus! mommee! mommee! mommee!]Verse 10 dat nigga dazIt`s 12.30 am, christmas eveI`m out with the gangstas and thievesCelebratin`, postin` up with eggnog [head up up] in my cup[put rudolph and moses] lil` bang-bangin` and coastin`Down the block but be careful for the heart, because it`s posted`Some stay to this day that christmas ain`t nothing but another dayBut, out of respect, I gotta give the lord his dayTell me, tell me, where do the homies and bums got to sleep? {nowhere}Where do hungry and the needy-greedy`s got to eat? {but who cares? }Life is so crucial and cold, [it`s worse] for the childrenIn this world they hopes and dreams can`t affordThe young and old churches and spiritual dreams, seasonal thingsHeard throughout the ghetto reaches gangstas and dope-fiends, huh`cause those who ain`t able get it now can finally get it¡®cause the ghetto santa claus has sprinkled the hood and now we ballin`Livin` to a new year of better thangsCelebrate it with some champagne, ha ha, check it …Chorus0 nate doggSanta claus … is coming straight to the ghetto …Bridge0 snoop doggy doggNow on the first day of christmas, my homeboy gave to meA sack of the krazy glue and told me to smoke it up slowlyNow on the second day of christmas, my homeboy gave to meA fifth of hendog and told me to take my mind off that weedNow by the third day of christmas, my big homeboy gave to meA whole lot of everything, and it wasn`t nuthin` but game to meVerse 20 bad a$$Back then, you woke up to the sound of ¡°i saw mama kissing santa¡±Made you remenisce on the old fashion christmas daysGifts, miss a fat man jolly with joyDown ya chimney with toys for lil` girls and boysPumped up, I jumped up before the sun peeped inAnd hoped to catch a santa claus creepin` down my hallRan to the window, put my eyes to the skyTo see if I could see the sleigh that parlayed and pushed a fat guyI sigh, ain`t no sign, but everything under this tree in my house is mineMy bike, that, and this plastic nine`ll do fine till next year comeI try to see the same thing, they got us brain washed dumbAnd when you find, it ain`t no santa, christmas still mean a lot`cause it`s the time to get together and give all you gotYou got food, good moods, and what`s better than together with your people

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