Snoop dogg – Show me love

Ya, I don`t know why you treat me so motherfuckin` badYou ain`t gonna realize what`s you got till its gone, that`s realYou get`s no lovin`, babeGirl, you know I got you livin` plush in the cutAnd every time I wanna dig you out, you tell me, @Don`t rush@Money stashin`, you got me sneakin`And we all alone in the zone, I be tweakin`I almost got caught, my game is lethalI had to stay at my daddy`s house on the couch last weekendIt`s written on my face, and I can`t even hide itSo I decided, to ride it, roses are red, and Violets are blueHe get`s not love, show me love, show me loveHe get`s not love, show me love, show me loveShow me love, he get`s not loveSee I done put it on the line, see this here is genuineAnd as long as you with me girl, see everything is gonna be fineSee can`t nobody match it, don`t touch it, ya might scratch itThis love affiar, it`s so original, I call it classicSee I`m attracted, an I`m infacturatedAt the same time, belated and gang related, Dogg Pound on mineBut to fine time to leave all that behindAnd tryin` to spend some time and give you all of mineYa see, I ain`t hard to get along withTo do a song with a nigga like D.J. PoohDedicate this whole thing, to a girl like you, boo, look hereYou know I`m true, just continue to do me like you want me to do youAnd I hope we don`t never have to, write another chapterJust keep it on the real wit` me`Cause I don`t really wanna, see you on the cornerJust show a nigga love ya seeYou don`t show me some loveYou get`s no lovin` babe

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