Snoop dogg – Smoke weed everyday

Da da da da daaIt`s tha mothafuckin` D oh double G(Snoop Dogg)Da da da da daaYou know I`m mobbin` with the D R EYeah yeah yeahYou know who`s back up in this mothafuckerWhat what what whatSo blaze the weed out thereBlaze it upBlaze that shit up niggaYeah, waz up Snoop?Top Dogg buy them all nigga burn this shit upD P G C my nigga turn that shit upCPT, LBC yeah we hookin` back upN` when they bang this in the club baby, you gotta get upThug niggas, drug dealers yeah they givin` it upLow life, your life boy we livin` it upTake a chance that`s why we dancin` in the party fo` sho`Slip my ho a forty four n` she crept in it back do`Bitches lookin` at me strange but you know I don`t careStep up in this mothafucker just to swingin` my hairBitch quit talkin`, Crip walk if you down with the setTake a bullet with some dick take this dope from this jetOutta town put it down for father of rapN` if your ass get crack bitch shut your trapCome back get back that`s the part of successN` if you believe the X, then you`ll relievin` your stressDa da da da daaIt`s the mothafuckin` D R EDr. Dre mothafucker, what what what whatDa da da da daaYou know I`m mobbing with the D oh double GStraight off the fuckin` street`s of CPTKing of the beats n` you ride to em` in your fleet wood(Fleet wood)Or Coupe DeVille rollin` on dubsHow you feel?Whoopty whoop nigga what?Dre n` snoop chroniced outIn the `llac with doc in the backSippin` `gnac, clip in the strapDippin` through hoodsWhat hoods? Compton, Long Beach, IngelwoodSouth Central out to the West side(West side)It`s California love this California budGot a nigga gang of pubI`m on one, I might bail up in the Century ClubWith my jeans on n` my team`s strongGet my drink on n` my smoke onThen go home with somethin` to poke on(Waz up bitch)Loc` it`s on for the two triple, ohComin` real it`s the next episodeHold up, heyFor my niggas who be thinkin` we softWe don`t playWe gonna rockin` `til the weels fall ofHold up, heyFor my niggas who be acting to boldTake a seatHope you ready for the next episode, heySmoke weed everyday

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