Snoop dogg – Special

[Hook0]{Brandy0}It`s the way you,It`s the way you make me feel(Special girl, you`re so special, special)Baby just don`t change, you`re so real(so special girl you`re so special, special)Show me that I`m special, tell me boy{Pharrell0}Girl you know you are specialI bet you were born in the sky.{Brandy0}Show me that I`m special, tell me boy{Pharrell0}Girl, you know you are special, girlThe hottest in my mind[Verse 10 ~Snoop Dogg~]I know you, and you know meAnd this is the place that you really wan` beLet`s make it crack-a-lack i make it look easyLife can be a carnival and imma be your reasonKiss me slowly,Perform quiet storm til I get you nice-lyI`m puttin out the blunt cuz I seeI see that I need you more in my lifeThan I need a bag of weed.Now I compare you to a birdWhen she fly byI wanna rock you back to sleepLike beddy-bye-bye.Bounce in the `lacWith your hand on my legThrow your bags in the backI`mma show you where it`s atNo telling if we might come backYou like that?I figgerd out a way to catch a flight right backSee I ain`t never flown for feesCome spend a weekend overseas in Greece with mePlease believe[Repeat Hook0][Verse 20 ~Snoop Dogg~]You know, if you`re through with meThen I`m through with youBut you`re the one who fell in loveAnd said that love was true

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