Taio Cruz – I Just Wanna Know

Baby, talk to meWhat is goin on,’Cause lately we aint been spendingtime aloneAnd last night when I touched youhandYou didn’t wanna hold,And today, no kiss goodbyeJust said that you had to go[Chorus]If you’re leaving me babyI just wanna knowI just wanna knowIf you’re done with me babyI just wanna knowI just wanna knowI just wanna knowListen, if you have something youwanna say,Please don’t, don’t hold it backIt’ll come out somedayAnd I am, I’m strong enoughTo mend my broken heartIf you say that you and I are betteroff apart[Chorus]StringsYeah, yeahOh, yeahOh, yeahI just wanna knowI wanna know[Chorus]

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