The Strokes – 12:51

Talk to me now I’m olderYour friend told you ’cause I told herFriday nights have been lonelyChange your plans and then phone meWe could go and get fortiesFuck going to that partyOh really, your folks are away now?Alright, let’s goYou convinced me12:51 is the time my voicefound the words I soughtIs it this stage I want?The world is shutting out for usOh we were tense for sureBut we was confidentKiss me now that I’m olderI won’t try to control youFriday nights have been lonelyTake it slow but don’t warn meWe’d go out and get fortiesThen we’d go to some partyOh really, your folks are away now?Alright I’m coming,I’ll be right there

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