The Strokes – 15 Minutes

It was all just a dream, Oh noYet I wish it was realAll my pets they were there and they smiledTake a shit, it was fineEverybody’s so invitingThey’ve got it in for me I knowIt’s not that I don’t really love youIt’s just that I don’t really knowThe hateful things you think you want to sayTime will turn them into jokes(Yup.)Yes, it was all just a dream, Oh noWas it real? I don’t know(I hope so…)Here we go. Can I play? Can I watch?I would like one more night in your lifeI saw words in your star, and I cussedIt goes fast, I got sunk every shotEverybody at the partyShouldn’t worry if I’m thereEverybody at the partyShouldn’t worry what they wearCause today they’ll talk about usAnd tomorrow they won’t careThis whole life,Is it a dream? I can’t tellI got up, then I waved, then I fellI recall you were all there with meOverjoyed and at peaceFirst time aroundSecond took so longThird time’s a charmCircle of fourthsFive days to rehearseSix to make it workSeven notes in a scaleEight in some countriesNine in fancy keysTen is you & friendEleven seconds to hellAnd of course,Twelve mayor chords.

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