– What They Hittin’ Foe

Fucking around in a crap gameNiggas think I’m soft cause now I’m in the rap gameAnd I don’t hang out as muchBang out dope cutsStanding on stage and I’m grabbing my nutsBut when it comes to getting in a circleI’m hitting sevens turning broke niggas purpleLooking for Little Joe and the dumb nigga scream and chokeWhen deuce-deuce hit the floor yoNow which of ya wanna fade the twenty?I’m turnin your fat pockets skinnyAh yeah I’m shaking the ivoryAnd boom it’s like they die for meFool you can get loud, get mad, hit the jointBut don’t forget my pointThere it is yoI put my Nike on the bet so it won’t slideMoney gone cause I’m never hitting deuce-fiveI’m never hitting four-trey no wayYou wanna leave but come on hoe stayNigga see but that’ll workPoppa needs brand-new shoes and a sweatshirtFool you can’t even fuck with thatAnd now that I’m winning I gots to get my gatCause I see your homies starting to lookAnd broke motherfuckers they make the best crooksAnd I’m feeling like a ballerBucking fools now the circles getting smallerNow you wanna go and schemePunk niggas like you just love to triple-teamSo I pick up my money and start walkingCause now I let the gat start talkingNow since ya’ll lost you wanna go out like a suckerTake that motherfucker

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